Free High Precision Complex Calculator

This programmable calculator does real or complex number calculations with 100 significant figure precision. Many standard functions such as trig, hyperbolic, logarithms and base conversions are included. Loops are supported. Both expressions and results can be saved to a file.

Requires Windows 95/NT, or higher.

No spyware or other hidden programs!

New version 1.1 posted September 1, 2008. Font size in the Results box has been increased for better readability. Screen resolution of at least 800 X 600 pixels is needed to see the whole box on screen.

Read the Help File.

CALCZ.EXE is a self-extracting ZIP file containing:

Download from our site:

Download CALCZ.EXE (374 KB)

Technical Support
Sorry, no support or help is available, but please use the Contact Form to send any comments or "bug" reports.

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