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About the Christian Bible Reference Site


The Christian Bible Reference Site is a nonprofit Christian Bible study website devoted to better understanding the Bible and its messages for the modern world.

All Christians revere the Bible as the core of their faith, and our goal is to provide accurate and unbiased information about the Bible and its teachings. This website is not affiliated with any denomination or sect, and our materials are not written to conform to our personal beliefs nor to the viewpoints of any particular denomination, sect, religious tradition or system of theology.

Our articles and the answers we give to Bible questions are taken straight from the Bible whenever possible. When interpretation is needed to understand a Bible passage or Bible topic, we rely on the best available reference materials from the mainstream of Christian scholarship. Our References page lists the primary reference materials we use. In total, we have about 65 Bibles, Bible commentaries, Bible Dictionaries, Hebrew/Greek references, concordances and cross references in searchable electronic form where we can find information on almost any Bible passage or topic.


Our website began in January, 1996, with the publication of Wisdom of the Bible at In 1999, we registered the domain name which alludes to the two roads we can choose in life. The broad, easy way leads to destruction, but the narrow, more demanding way leads to eternal life (Matthew 7:13-14). In 2006, we changed the name of our website to The Christian Bible Reference Site to better reflect our content and services. Now you can find us on the Internet at either or

In an average week, about 104,000 unique visitors view about 180,000 Web pages here, and we answer about 75 Bible questions sent in by our visitors.

Photo of Helen and Cliff Leitch


General Editor Cliff Leitch, M.Sc., is the son of a Baptist mother and a Presbyterian father. He grew up as a Presbyterian, but he now attends church with his wife, Helen, who is a lifelong Catholic. He is a retired electrical engineer.

Cliff has been publishing Bible study articles on the Web since 1996. In addition to writing articles and answering questions for this website, he is head of the Ushers Ministry and facilitator of two Bible study groups at his church. He is also a volunteer in one of Helen's school-based mentoring programs, Listen to Children.

Helen Leitch, B.Sc., serves as Copy Editor and uses her writing and proofreading skills to correct problems with spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and completeness. She is Program Director of Children's Services for the Mental Health Association of Southeast Florida.

Cliff and Helen live in Coral Springs, Florida, United States of America. They have two grown sons and one grandson.


Many other people and organizations have contributed to the success of The Christian Bible Reference Site through their comments, suggestions, encouragement, corrections and questions. The Bible FAQ section, in particular, consists of questions sent in by site visitors and the answers gathered from various reference materials. Many visitors have contributed ideas for Bible word search puzzles. Jess Coburn and the team at Applied Innovations have provided fast and reliable web hosting since 2001. The copyright owners of several Bibles have given us permission to quote beyond their normal fair use limits. Some of our illustrations were supplied courtesy of Many Web indexes, Web search services, Christian Websites, churches and individuals have posted Web links to our site without charge. Many thanks to all of you who have contributed in many ways!

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